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Five Advantages Of Products

  • Good protection
  • Transparent and intuitive
  • Easy to use
  • Light weight
  • Safe and reliable

Product Details

1. Introduction to Blister products:

Blister products mainly use high-quality PVC, pet, PP, PS, gag, flocking and other plastic materials to produce high-grade and various specifications of electronic blister packaging, stationery blister packaging, toy blister packaging, hardware blister packaging, food blister packaging, daily chemical gift handicraft blister packaging. Blister packaging quality, cheap, can beautify your products, so that more customers are attracted.

Advantages of blister packaging:

1. Blister packaging can improve the price and image of the product itself, at the same time, it can also shape and spread, which has a significant impact on the brand image and visibility of enterprises.

2. The purpose of blister packaging is to display and protect products. Most of the packaged products are small commodities, which can be placed or hung on the shelves of supermarkets, so that your products can be perfectly displayed in front of customers, so as to promote the sales of products.

3. The purpose of blister packaging is to separate, shockproof and foil. The products packaged are mostly electronic, it, industrial parts, toys, stationery, food, handicrafts and cosmetics, etc., which can pack more and smaller products to make the products more beautiful as a whole.

2. Blister packaging

Products mainly include: bubble shell, tray, blister box, synonyms are: vacuum cover, bubble cover, etc.

Blister products


Blister packaging equipment mainly includes: Blister packaging machine, Blister molding machine, punch, sealing machine, high frequency machine, folding machine.


Packaging products formed by packaging can be divided into: card insertion, card suction, double bubble shell, half bubble shell, double fold bubble shell, triple fold bubble shell, etc.

raw material

The raw materials of blister packaging mainly include PVC, PS, PP, pet, PETG and flocking, antistatic, conductive materials.

3. Production technology

1: Mold production and processing: according to the requirements or sample specifications, first make a good blister mold. Generally speaking, we use gypsum to make blister packaging mold, but we also use wood carving and metal carving products as mold. After the gypsum mold is made, let it dry completely or dry naturally, and then use 1-2 mm drill to flower in the shadow according to the specific conditions of the convex concave surface of the product Many small holes are drilled in the low concave part of the product packaging pattern. If it is a packaging box or other products, some small holes must be drilled around the four sides so that the air can be drawn out during the blister production. After the mold is drilled, the gypsum mold must be hardened. The hardening treatment method is to soak in concentrated alum saturated liquid and dry in the air. [1]

2: After the mold is completely dried, the mold is put into the upper iron plate of the vacuum chamber, and then the plastic sheet is loaded into the applicable size according to the size of the mold, and then the sheet is put into the heating wood cabinet to make it completely fixed, and then the wood cabinet and the plastic sheet are placed on the constant temperature furnace for softening treatment.

3: Put the softened plastic sheet together with the wooden cabinet in the vacuum chamber. Turn on the suction switch to suck the air out of the vacuum chamber. After the plastic sheet is cooled, the concave packaging or process mold with the same mold can be obtained.

4: Blister packing and finishing; trimming and finishing the products are finished products, which can be sold after packaging.

4. Price factor

Unit price of blister = product material cost + energy consumption + labor and transportation + profit

Energy consumption: blister is processed by hot processing, which consumes more electricity than other industries, which is about 8% of the material cost of the product. Labor: blister is mainly produced by machines, with less labor, which is about 10% of the material cost of the product. Transportation: the net profit of the Blister Factory is generally very low, 12% - 20%, depending on the payment period, the 30 day settlement is 14% of the material cost Ben: the calculation of product material cost is complicated. Before calculation, the following data should be made clear:

Price of raw materials: determine the material and grade of material to be used according to the purpose of the product, and find the lowest price supplier of the material. Film thickness: pre explain the thickness of the film to be used for the product, and determine the typesetting quantity according to the thickness and shape of each part of the molding. According to the external size and shape of the product, calculate how many molds can be arranged in one plate. If the film is arranged closely, the product quality will be reduced and the product will be drained Material loss rate: the main factors are the product shape, product quantity and the matching degree between the shape of the product and the chassis of the suction machine. The more square the shape and the greater the output, the smaller the loss rate

Calculation formula of material cost

Product material cost = 1 ton raw material price / 1 ton raw material finished product quantity

Quantity of finished products with 1 ton of raw materials = 1 ton of raw material length / (length of blister template + 4cm to 15cm stretching edge) x typesetting quantity x (100% - material loss rate)

1 ton raw material length = 1 ton / material density / film thickness / width (blister chassis width)

Among them, material density (PVC is 1.36t/m3), blister chassis width (0.51-1.20m), template length and other four parameters are estimated by professional experience

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