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Pet transparent plastic box

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Blister packaging / anti-static plastic tray / Blister tray

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • The smoother the rubber box is, the more uniform and complete the contact between the material surface and the plate during printing, the more sufficient the ink layer transfer on the layout (relief) or blanket, and the better the color rendering effect of the printed matter.
  • The higher the glossiness of the plastic box, the more reflective light the surface will be like a mirror, and the more bright the appearance will be.
  • Glossiness of the plastic box raw materials, printing ink color is also more bright, ink visual effect is good.
  • The smoother the rubber box raw material, the higher the gloss, the higher the gloss of the printed product color.
  • According to the characteristics of printing products and process conditions, reasonable selection of high-quality raw materials for printing is of great practical significance to improve product quality.

Product Details

Plastic box is a kind of cosmetic packaging box. It can be divided into PP plastic box, PVC plastic box, pet plastic box, etc. according to the box type, it can be divided into cylinder plastic box, square plastic box, special-shaped plastic box, soft rubber box, beer piece, etc. It refers to PPC, PVC, PET / APET as materials, through a series of processes such as printing, die cutting, gluing box and so on.

Compared with the traditional paper box and other packaging, plastic box has the advantages of environmental protection, non-toxic, high transparency, more intuitive display of the packaged products, which can effectively improve the product packaging grade. PP, pet, APET materials are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, except for PVC.

1. Basic appearance requirements

1. Surface: no dirt, white top, scratch, bruise, damage, blister, edge, bump

2. Sanitation: no peculiar smell, large amount of hair, dust, deformation affecting appearance and assembly, and white appearance on the front

3. There shall be no damage or cracking, uneven cutting, and the height of burr ≤ 0.5mm.

4. There should be no obvious lumpy dirt, indistinct soft and hard scratches and impurities

2. Surface treatment and printing requirements

1. There is no obvious color difference on the surface of the material, and the color and brightness of various parts of the product are consistent with those of the sample

2. Printing quality: the content, font, deviation, color and size of patterns and characters shall meet the requirements of standard samples, and the patterns or fonts shall be neat and clear without obvious font ambiguity, color difference, displacement, rough edge, inaccurate overprint, etc.

3. Printing position: if 30ml is not full, the upper and lower offset is allowed to be ± 0.5mm, and the left and right tilt deviation is ± 0.25mm; for 30ml above, the upper and lower offset is allowed to be ± 0.75mm, and the left and right tilt deviation is ± 0.25mm.

3. Material and structural requirements

1. Material requirements: according to customer specifications and approved samples, no wrong use

2. Dimension test: use caliper or projector to measure the key, important and assembly dimensions of the product, which shall conform to the standard sample and design

3. Nozzle position: whitening ∮ ≤ 3mm, no poor nozzle perforation, nozzle height ≤ 0.5mm

4. Hinge: no excessive glue, lack of glue, damage, distortion, deformation and edge, repeated upper and lower covers, natural and smooth switching / closing, and the hinge will not easily come out of the buckle position

5. Support foot: no damage, lack of glue and dirt

6. Clearance: the closing gap of the upper and lower covers is ≤ 1.0mm, the dislocation clearance is ≤ 0.3mm, and there is no visible scraping edge and flanging on the contact surface edge of the upper and lower covers

7. Thimble mark: protrusion ≤ 0.5mm (not affecting assembly), depression ≤ 0.3mm (without top white on the outside)

8. Inner frame structure: internal / external structure, volume size / location, consistent with the sample

9. Side position requirement: the dimension of trimming position shall be in accordance with the customer's requirements, and the allowable error is + / - 2mm. The four sides should not be arched. The edge of products with high cycle pressure can be accepted with burr. The specific situation depends on the requirements of customers.

4. Functional requirements

1. Drop test: according to the packaging requirements of finished products. 1 corner, 3 edges and 6 sides falling on the cement floor / iron plate / ceramic tile: select one corner of the sealing part of the packing box, and drop the three side edges from the short to the long, and the six sides fall in the order from small to large, once in each direction, and drop for 10 times in total. The drop height depends on the weight of the packing box: 0-10kg height is 1m; no damage or cracking is allowed.

2. Matching requirements: carry out trial assembly with supporting component products (such as cosmetics, accessories, instructions, etc.), and it is required that the assembly should be smooth and free of resistance. After the box cover is assembled in place, there is no resistance, no bulging and no extra space (which may cause product shaking) in the box cover. 

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